Here you can see what I am passionate about

I love solving business problems. In order to do this, it’s important to choose the right tool and plan everything thoughtfully. I prefer splitting bigger tasks into smaller ones and prioritize them.

I feel satisfied when I see a smile on the client's face after pieces of code, merged together, create something new, something beautiful.

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Writing Technical specifications

Technical specifications

Well-written technical specifications is the key to productive cooperation and economy of a budget.

Development and design


Creation of the project’s prototype and design help to introduce the final results of the project.

Development methods


I use weekly sprints, Kanban board, Pomodoro technique and github.

Automation backup, CI/CD, testing


I set up automatic deployment, backup and testing.


years in IT


years of remote work




webinars and trainings

Here are several favorite projects of mine

Every project is a challenge for me. Every time I have to deal with unpredictable things. While working on a new project, I realize that I am getting better at my job.

Why should you hire me?

Looking for trustworthy employees for a project or team is always hard, as well as expensive. You are now visiting the page of a person who has been in the profession for a long time and loves his job. Don't miss this opportunity!

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Ability to work remotely

I’ve been working remotely most of my professional life.

Intermediate level of English

The intermediate level allows me to work comfortably with technical documentation.

Great team player and curious person

I follow up all trends and new technologies, read professional blogs. It’s easy for me to become a part of a new team.


If you need a competent performer for a project or team, contact me.